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Get your best price with APSR 2018 with the links below. All rates are exclusively for APSR 2018 participants and shall be reserved via the individual down below on a “first-come first-serve’ basis.

* Rates are differ based on room type.
** All rates are including breakfast and internet and will be charged in New Taiwan Dollars (US$1≒30NT$)
*** Cancellation policy may differ from one to another.

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Grand Hyatt Taipei ★★★★★  5 minutes NT$8,432-NT$9,933

enter Corporate or Group Code “G-SR29
(see instruction here)

The Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei ★★★★★  10 minutes NT$5,060-NT$5,500

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Pacific Business Hotel ★★★  6 minutes NT$4,620-NT$5,280
United Hotel ★★★★  10 minutes NT$3,200

via Lion Travel

Fullon Hotel Taipei Central ★★★★  10 minutes NT$4,400
San Want Hotel ★★★★  15 minutes NT$3,200-NT$3,500
Taipei Fullerton – East ★★★★  15 minutes NT$2,800-NT$3,000
amba Taipei Ximending ★★★  15 minutes NT$4,300-NT$4,400
CU Hotel Taipei ★★★  20 minutes NT$2,100-NT$2,500
AT Boutique Hotel ★★★  5 minutes NT$3,000-NT$3,300
Gloria Prince Hotel Taipei ★★★★★  20 minutes NT$3,520-NT$4,620

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Hotel Royal-Nikko Taipei ★★★★★  20 minutes NT$5,544-NT$7,053

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